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A specialized sensory end organ that responds to mechanical stimuli such as tension, pressure, or displacement.

mech′a·no·re·cep′tion n.
mech′a·no·re·cep′tive adj.


(Physiology) physiol a sensory receptor, as in the skin, that is sensitive to a mechanical stimulus, such as pressure


(ˌmɛk ə noʊ rɪˈsɛp tər)

any of the neuronal receptors that respond to vibration, stretching, pressure, or other mechanical stimuli.
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The Y-method allows for large exposure to taping, stimulating a great number of cutaneous mechanoreceptors.
15) are also of the opinion that even without stretching, strapping has a facilitating effect on cutaneous mechanoreceptors with subsequent reflex motor stimulation.
A limitation in the strapping technique was that body lotion had not been removed from patients' gluteal area and the area had not been shaved, which may have limited the adhesion of tape to the skin and resulted in less than optimal facilitation of cutaneous mechanoreceptors.

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