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adj. cut·er, cut·est
a. Attractive or pretty in a youthful or dainty way: a cute puppy; a child wearing a cute outfit.
b. Sexually attractive; good-looking: a cute boyfriend.
2. Obviously contrived to charm; precious: "[He] mugs so ferociously he kills the humor—it's an insufferably cute performance" (David Ansen).
3. Clever or witty, especially in an impertinent or evasive way, as in falsely suggesting that one is ignorant about the matter at hand.

[Short for acute.]

cute′ly adv.
cute′ness n.
Word History: Cute was originally a shortened form of acute in the sense "keenly perceptive or discerning, shrewd." In this sense cute is first recorded in a dictionary published in 1731. Probably cute came to be used as a term of approbation for things demonstrating acuteness or ingenious design, and so it went on to develop its own sense of "pretty, fetching."
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Adv.1.cutely - in an attractive manner; "how cunningly the olive-green dress with its underskirt of rose-brocade fitted her perfect figure"


(= sweetly)süß, niedlich
(= cleverly) designed, madeprima (inf), → toll (inf); (= shrewdly)schlau, gerissen
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Jeffrey Schlupp won a free-kick on the right three minutes after the pause and while Smalling and Antonio Valencia dithered Patrick van Aanholt dashed forward, leaving him one-on-one with David de Gea, who was beaten cutely at his near post.
Ribeiro's free-kick was cutely struck across the face of the goal, traveling just wide of the post.
His free-kick was cutely struck across the face of the goal, but travelled marginally wide of the post.
Glad has released lines of cutely designed food storage and containers that can be great Christmas knickknacks on their own, too.
Rashford remained England's likeliest game-changer, cutely dribbling past Miranda before being roadblocked by Casemiro.
But Manuel Lanzini gave them a lifeline 10 minutes into the second half, brushing aside Joe Gomez's weak challenge to take a cross on his chest and finish cutely past Simon Mignolet.
Just when Saints thought their first-half torture was at an end though, up popped Brits again, this time offloading cutely to set Koch rampaging home for Sarries' seventh try.
Similarities to Soderbergh's other films are inevitable and Blunt playfully addresses the issue via a TV news report, which cutely nicknames the attempted robbery "Ocean's 7-Eleven", referencing the chain of 24-hour convenience stores across America.
The convent, at first, seems similar to an all-girls high school, complete with cutely named factions.
Neat visual gags abound including, a small time weasel criminal selling bootleg DVDs of Disney animations Wreck-It Rhino and Wrangled, or familiar chain stores that have been cutely rebranded for creature customers.
George Hamilton equalised direct from a free-kick then Arnold Stephens cutely turned the ball into the net following indecision in the Ibrox defence.
The midfielder cutely ducked in front of Neuer to fool keeper for both goals.