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n. pl. cutlassfish or cut·lass·fish·es
Any of several marine fishes of the genus Trichiurus and other genera of the family Trichiuridae, having a long, ribbonlike body and sharp teeth.
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Noun1.cutlassfish - long-bodied marine fishes having a long whiplike scaleless body and sharp teethcutlassfish - long-bodied marine fishes having a long whiplike scaleless body and sharp teeth; closely related to snake mackerel
percoid, percoid fish, percoidean - any of numerous spiny-finned fishes of the order Perciformes
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Reproduction of the cutlassfish Trichiurus lepturus in the southern Brazilian subtropical convergence ecosystem.
Cutlassfish (some of which are also known as hair-tails), including several Trichiurus species, are an important fisheries resource in the subtropical West Pacific (He et al., 2014; Wang et al., 2017).
chalcogramma) Plant source additives Mulberry leaf Morus alba Sea bream Onion Allium cepa Cutlassfish paste Lotus leaf Nelumbo nucifera Sea bream Beetroot and Spinach Beta vulgaris and Not mentioned Spinacia oleracea Citrus fruits Citrus limon, C.
2,415.0 Northern kingfish Menticirrhus saxatilis 177.8 Gafftopsail catfish Bagre marinus 1,990.7 Irridescent swimming crab Portunus gibbesii 8.7 Flounder (family) Bothidae 1,699.4 Bonnethead shark Sphyrna tiburo 1,252.0 Atlantic cutlassfish Trichiurus lepturus 1,225.5 Black drum Pogonias cromis 1,402.7 Blue crab Callinectes sapidus Weakfish Cynoscion regalis Atlantic bumper Chloroscombrus chrysurus 1,062.8 Sand perch Diplectrum formosum 953.4 Longspine swimming crab Portunus spinicarpus 4.5 Vermillion (B-liner) Rhomboplites aurorubens 893.2 snapper Left-eye flounder Syacium spp.
Eggs (6.5), Korean beef (1.5), cutlassfish (6.3), mackerel (3.5), seaweed (3.4), clam (2.3), green chili (-34.2), cucumbers (-25.1), strawberries (-18.9), zucchini (-29.0), spinach (-25.5)
TABLE I NAMES AND IDENTIFICATION OF FISH AND OTHER ANIMALS English Vernacular Identification Code * Atlantic cutlassfish Espada Trichiurus lepturus ESP Linnaeus, 1758 Atlantic tripletail Prejereba Lobotes surinamensis PRE (Bloch, 1790) Blue crab Siri Callinectes danae SIR Smith, 1869 Broadband anchovy Manjuba Anchoviella MAN lepidentostole (Fowler, 1911) Catfish Bagre Bagre bagre BAG (Linnaeus, 1766), Cathorops spixii (Agassiz, 1829), Genidens genidens (Valenciennes, 1839), Sciadeichthys luniscutis (Valenciennes, 1840) Croaker Corvina Micropogonias COR furnieri (Desmarest, 1823) Leathetjacket Salteira Oligoplites saliens SAL (Bloch & Schneider, 1801) Menhaden Savelha Brevoortia pectinata SAV (Jenyns, 1842) Mojarra Vivoca Eugerres spp.
These include tuna (Thunnus), bonito (Sarda), Luvarus, mackerel (Scomber), the cutlassfish (Trichiurus), marlins or spearfish (Tetrapterus), and swordfish (Xiphias).
Seasonal differences in mercury accumulation in Trichiurus lepturus (Cutlassfish) in relation to length and weight in a northeast Brazilian Estuary.
Eggs of haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus), American plaice (Hippoglossoides platessoides), and spotted pikeconger (Hoplunnis tenuis) were collected at the lowest average SSTs (4.63[degrees]C, 7.15[degrees]C, and 7.29[degrees]C, respectively), and the singular eggs of Atlantic cutlassfish (Trichiurus lepturus) and red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) were each collected at the highest recorded temperature of 26.84[degrees]C.