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The cutoffs in the first list are totally beyond our reach'' said Priya Rai,one of the disappointed applicants at Maitreyi College.
I am unhappy to hear about 100 percent cutoff in one college.
The results show Asians tend to be more sensitive to an oral glucose challenge and therefore need a higher cutoff, said Dr.
By moving up the birthday cutoff, Assembly Bill 85 would bring California in step with the majority of states, Runner said.
The automatic transfer of the casting to the grinding or cutoff workstation may use belt or vibrating conveyors, overhead monorail or power and free conveyors, indexing or walking beam mechanisms to transfer and position castings at the workstation.
Depending on the selected cutoff date, amended returns may need to be prepared in order to apply the new provisions.
High-speed cutoff machines, like the one illustrated in Fig.
At Shyam Lal College, the cutoff for BA (Programme) is down by ten percent and now stands at 78 per cent.
Advanced design cutoff machines reduce operator fatigue.
SRK feel that for reporting purposes, a higher cutoff grade is more appropriate as it represents the expected ore production.
The much- delayed first list witnesses 100% cutoff in three colleges, arepeat of last year's pattern