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Cleared of trees, especially those that bear valuable lumber.


1. (Forestry) an area cleared of timber
2. a transitional period in a computer system changeover during which old and new systems work concurrently


(ˈkʌtˌoʊ vər)

cleared of trees.
[1895–1900, Amer.]
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ABSTRACT: Cutover stands comprise a large proportion of the forested area within the Komi Republic.
A new servo-driven indexing station moves finished rolls to the unload position in under 2 sec, helping reduce tail scrap during indexing and web cutover.
In addition to product presentations from SAP America and SAP Labs, leading customer companies will share upgrade best practices, insights on managing security considerations, tips on reducing cutover times, and suggestions for planning for the technical aspects of going live.
HKT and Huawei have successfully completed the worlds first Home Subscriber Server (HSS)/ Voice over LTE (VoLTE) cutover, paving the way for the full integration of the HKT and CSL mobile core networks.
Lufthansa Systems today announced that the introduction of its revenue management tool Sirax AirFinance Platform at ANA has been completed with a successful cutover.
Etihad Cargo, the freight division of United Arab Emirates (UAE) flag carrier Etihad Airways, successfully cutover to a new cargo management system on 18 January 2015 to provide its customers with greater communication and improved handling processes that reinforce its world-class cargo products and services.
The cutover plan must identify, quantify and minimize any anticipated down time.
Its technical services team was on-site in Harris County for two weeks prior to cutover to coordinate hardware installation with the Harris County information technology department.
The ZXA10 9852G provides a one-by-one cutover solution to make the entire cutover process controllable, and employs an all-in-one power supply integrating a local power supply module, a remote power supply module, a backup battery module, and a reverse power feeding module to meet the complex power supply requirements of FTTdp nodes.
Currently, the telecom industry does not have a complete set of technical specifications for network planning and design, cutover and verification, as well as O&M supporting teams.
The company said the release date is later than normal due to the cutover to Rimage's new enterprise resource planning system, which occurred as scheduled on October 1.