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Noun1.cutting room - a room where films or tapes are edited (by cutting out unwanted parts)
room - an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling; "the rooms were very small but they had a nice view"
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One of those pieces on the cutting-room floor would have paid for therapy for kids.
ALL NEW IT'LL BE ALRIGHT ON THE NIGHT ITV, 9pm Griff Rhys Jones returns with another selection of outtakes rescued from the cutting-room.
For the Cutting-Room Floor: The ironic spectacle of veteran actress Kim Novak, who was a presenter in the category of animation but, at age 81, revealed an eerily baby-smooth face that seemed frozen in place.
They're words too good to leave on the cutting-room floor:
KELLY Brook's new calendar is certain to be a top 20 hit yet again - because these stunning shots didn't make the cut and ended up on the cutting-room floor
Hills offer a tasty 10-1 her scene ends up on the cutting-room floor.
Sir Alan, thought to be worth about pounds 800 million, said: "The BBC has categorised me as Mr Nasty, so all the humour ends up on the cutting-room floor.
Those racy "Knocked Up" scenes knocking around the 'Net before the pic's June 1 bow weren't pirated from the cutting-room floor.
Our fate is left to be decided on the cutting-room floor as one lesbian inevitably represents our community, whether she (or we) like it or not.
There was plenty of gay male drama in the second season of Bravo's Project Runway, which comes out on DVD June 27, but all references to contestant Zulema Griffin's lesbianism got left on the cutting-room floor.
Funnily enough, that segment hit the cutting-room floor, and an insider over at Sky Sports told Confidential: "It was to universal amazement they sent her to do the interview anyway.
To understand how far Arnold Schwarzenegger has fallen just before a critically important state election, consider that the powers that be have deemed it necessary for him not even to take a supporting role in promoting his own propositions, but, instead, to be relegated to the cutting-room floor.