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1. Capable of or designed for incising, shearing, or severing: a cutting tool.
2. Sharply penetrating; piercing: a cutting wind.
3. Injuring or capable of injuring the feelings of others: "He can say the driest, most cutting things in the quietest of tones" (Charlotte Brontë).
1. A part cut off from a main body.
2. A part, such as a stem, leaf, or root, removed from a plant to propagate a new plant, as through rooting or grafting.
3. An excavation made through high ground in a construction project.
4. The editing of film or recording tape.
5. Chiefly British A clipping, as from a newspaper.
6. Self-injury in which cuts are made in the skin.

cut′ting·ly adv.
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Adv.1.cuttingly - in an intentionally unkind way; "a cutting remark"
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Long before the family retired to rest, the cold had become cuttingly severe; and when Monsieur Le Quoi sallied c forth under a bright moon, to seek his own abode, he was compelled to beg a blanket, in which he might envelop c his form, in addition to the numerous garments that his sagacity had provided for the occasion.
Epanchin, cuttingly; "and as that is the best reason I can give you we need not bother about any other at present.
Quinlan calmly but cuttingly mentioned how little time it took the Nazis to overrun France.
She also had gushing words to say about her eldest child, Lourdes, saying she is a great actress, musician, and dancer - but then cuttingly added: "But she doesn't have the same drive."
"As a journalist he turned a simple feature into something cuttingly funny and often provocative.
In June 1819, the author of a cuttingly inventive jeu on
These are the moments -- funny, yet substantive and cuttingly insightful -- that will remain in the collective memory long after Ralph Breaks the Internet leaves cinemas and many of its meme jokes lose their relevance.
Fathers, she said, are socialised to accept their position outside that early dyad, "but women aren't, so their exclusion from it can be very painful."WHERE IS MY DADDYWorse yet, around the same time Marty started actively rejecting me in favour of Sabrina, she started saying, "Where's my daddy?" and more cuttingly, "I want my daddy.
"Ball demonstrates shades of Cormac McCarthy in his cuttingly brief dialogue, and of Paul Auster in his existential absurdism, but comparisons, in general, do Census an injustice.
Debussy cuttingly stated: American (band) music may be the only kind which can find a rhythm for unspeakable cake-walks.
Weighing these pleadings and apparently finding Ms Jacobs' arguments unpersuasive, Judge Ramos cuttingly characterised the adviser as a 'faithless servant' and ordered her accounting and disgorgement of the fraudulently-obtained US$1 m buyer's premium, as well as her forfeiture of the agreed US$50,000 seller's commission.
Two years after my Rhodes experience, a strong candidate and Truman Scholar from UAB was confronted by an Alabama state Rhodes committee member who remarked cuttingly on her weight.