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n. Informal
A mischievous person; a prankster.



n. Informal.
a prankster or show-off.
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Informal. One who causes minor trouble or damage:
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Behind them along the narrow, sodden, cutup forest road came hussars in threes and fours, and then Cossacks: some in felt cloaks, some in French greatcoats, and some with horsecloths over their heads.
Even so, business at Sao Paulo's SP-Arte--Latin America's most important contemporary art fair--was surprisingly buoyant (7-10 April), inevitably, artists were found responding to both crises, with Peruvian artist Sandra Gamarra at Carbono Galeria, for instance, exposing embattled presidents by painting over their clothes in newspaper cuttings to bare them to the world, and Colombian Rodrigo Torres (SIM Galeria) creating enchanting map collages out of cutup obsolete currencies.
It's like they've adopted William Burrough's cutup technique of writing and just thrown the words 'change', 'future', 'better', 'hardworking' and 'believe' up in the air and adopted whatever statement they landed in the form of.
Ferguson, television's kinetic Scottish cutup, on Friday brings to a close his decade-long run as host of CBS' "The Late Late Show.
Part of the reason is undoubtedly that, even before he adopted the cutup method of the painter Brion Gysin, Burroughs treated language as if it were the type of physical matter manipulated by a visual artist.
A few examples of transient fuels are Christmas decorations, paint and solvents in stairwells during redecorating, unpacked foam cups in cardboard boxes after delivery, cutup cardboard boxes awaiting removal, upholstered furniture after delivery, and stacked folding chairs.
The brash vaudevillian cutup cult figure who told Sophie Tucker jokes was the forerunner of today's mouthy downtown divas like Bridget Everett, a brassy, boozy storyteller with a big voice, and Meow Meow, an Australian singer with a sophisticated European approach.
He's the shit-talking cutup of the crew and the only member who insists on putting traditional utensils to use ("real Gs use chopsticks").
As tempting as peeled baby carrots or a cutup chicken are, it costs less to purchase them whole.
Though a cutup, the farm boy from Indiana had manners, and so he called the Ortmann house to thank the cook for the delicious cake.
Nurses cutup, stacked, and glued thick rubber floor mats to make lifts for patients' shoes.