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 (kŭt′wô′tər, -wŏt′ər)
1. The forward part of a ship's prow.
2. The wedge-shaped end of a bridge pier, designed to divide the current and break up ice floes.


(Nautical Terms) the forward part of the stem of a vessel, which cuts through the water


(ˈkʌtˌwɔ tər, -ˌwɒt ər)

1. the forward edge of the stem of a ship.
2. a sharply pointed upstream face of a bridge pier, for resisting the effects of moving water or ice.
References in classic literature ?
The sun was getting up, and mortal white he looked about the cutwater.
Where did’ee ever fall in with a regular built vessel, with starn-post and cutwater, gar board-streak and plank- shear, gangways, and hatchways, and waterways, quarter-deck, and forecastle, ay, and flush-deck?
the proposed works to the structure include: provide, maintain and dismantle safe access to the works; provide, maintain and dismantle site boundary fencing for the duration of the works; dealing with existing services; disposal off site of waste materials generated on site; water management to facilitate scour repair works on the riverbed around pier footings and abutments; diving works are anticipated to progress the water managent and scour repair works; repointing of masonry, to existing bridge elevations, cutwaters, parapets, arch barrels and pier/abutment faces as necessary; masonry repair to a number of areas outlined in the drawings; the installation of 2 no.
The bridge dates from 1783 and was built by subscription; the names of the doners were inscribed onthe cutwaters.