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(ko͞o-vā′, kyo͞o-vā′)
1. A wine, especially champagne, made from a blend of wines from different vineyards, vintages, or grape varieties.
2. The highest-quality grape juice taken from the first pressing of grapes and used in making cuvée champagne.

[French, from Middle French, batch of wine produced in a single vat, from Old French, content of a vat : cuve, vat (from Latin cūpa, vat, tub; see cupola) + -ée, -ful, suffix forming nouns indicating the content of a receptacle (from Latin -āta, feminine of -ātus, past participle suffix).]


(Brewing) an individual batch or blend of wine
[C19: from French, literally: put in a cask, from cuve cask]


(kuˈveɪ, kyu-)

1. wine in vats or casks, blended, often from different vintages, for uniform quality.
2. a blend resulting from the mixing of wines, esp. of champagnes produced by several vineyards in the same district.
[1825–35; < French, =cuve cask, vat]
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Another trailblazer, Bellavista (named after its stunning hilltop views) makes some of the best-known Franciacorta, with high-ranking cuvees sitting alongside their bestselling Bellavista Franciacorta Alma Gran Cuvee Brut NV, Italy (PS28.
Currently, Singapore Airlines is the only airline that serves the rare and highly coveted Grand Cru Red Burgundy and two prestige cuvees, Dom Perignon and Krug Grand Cuvee, in tandem.
com Winston Churchill's champagne of choice, Pol Roger named one of its cuvees after the great man, who loved its robust and mature style.
New Delhi, April 29 -- Born from the prestigious soils of the capital of the Champagne region, Epernay-France, Champagne Charles Mignon has been producing outstanding Cuvees for more than 120 years.
The success of such grandes marques, as Roederer or Pommery, is to exploit these differences to their maximum potential, to create a distinct Champagne "house style", maybe taking their grapes from between 60 and 70 villages across the entire region to produce their popular Brut Premier and Brut Royale non-vintage cuvees.
All have small quantities of other red grapes in their cuvees.
Diamant comprises four cuvees, including Brut, plus two vintage Champagnes--one of which is a rose--and its 65 [pounds sterling] prestige cuvee Diamant Bleu, which comes in a bespoke green bottle.
Champagne Duval-Leroy is debuting six cuvees into the U.
Champagne Duval-Leroy is debuting six Champagne cuvees into the U.
To give the ultimate sparkling gift that will always be remembered, start at the pinnacle: the very special cuvees, or blends, that each fine Champagne house produces.
Also available are the award winning Barefoot Reserve Sonoma County wines, Barefoot on the Beach premium blended wines, as well as the widely popular Barefoot Bubbly California Chardonnay Champagne available in Brut and Extra Dry style cuvees.