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Adj.1.cxv - being five more than one hundred ten
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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CXv provides marketers with the ability to personalise key touchpoints with their customers, helping them improve their brand equity, revenue and ultimately add value, through personalized, real-time, relevant campaigns.
Periodico Oficial del Estado de Baja California, (tomo cxv, num.
Jacques 2002, lxviii, Ixxxvi, cxv on the poeticity of Nicander's "radical didactic poetry" with respect to its sources, and the poet's ambition to confound contemporary readers whose taste was limited to the classics with the "reality poetry" of the Theriaca.
1 was produced via two-component injection molding on a KraussMaffei Multinject CXV 65-180/ 55.
(20) The elegy's many pendant-lyrics provide the most obvious cases in point; Lyrics LXXXIII, CXV, and CXXII yield a subtler network of long-range echoes and puns.
CxV -- 2,00 ns Medias seguidas de letras iguais nao diferem entre si pelo teste de Tukey a 0,05 de probabilidade; ns--Nao significativo; * Significativo a nivel de 0,05; ** Significativo a nivel de 0.01.
Per il suo esame equilibrato e profondo del Dante mazziniano, l'articolo di Cottignoli puo essere affiancato ad altri validi studi sul tema come quello di Lino Pertile, "Dante Looks Forward and Back: Political Allegory in the Epistles" in Dante Studies CXV (1997): 1-17, e di Giuseppe Gazzola, "A False Edition of the Comedy, and its Truth" di prossima uscita su Forum Italicum).
Further investigations have discovered that similar concerns were raised by the HSE in the past with BAC Balticare UK regarding their models CXV and CXV-D Evaporative Condensers and FXV and FXV-D Closed Circuit Cooling Towers.