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Adj.1.cxx - being ten more than one hundred ten
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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Cxx DAVID SCOTT: I lived in mynydd Llandegai then and was snowed in .
A to the Terms of Reference - Part 1 - Tariff Cxx street lighting.
In the relatively short time the start-up executive search firm has been open, Executive Employers has already helped a lot of executives to land high quality positions, including confidential Cxx level jobs, board and advisory roles and consulting opportunities.
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A, CXX, Part 3, 253-290.
make a clear-cut business case to CXX executives for storage virtualization -- which can literally drive double-digit savings in overall storage budgets.
Smith, The Moghul Architecture of Fathpur Sikri, reprint Delhi, 1973, frontispiece, CIX CXX.
Percussion plays a significant role in On Conversing with Paradise, creating a clattering contrast to lyrical lines taken from Ezra Pound's "Canto LXXXl" and "Canto CXX," sung by baritone Leigh Melrose.
Sun Chemical also launched SunHytek CXX inks at FESPA, a uniquely
Act CXX of 2001 eliminated bearer shares and required that all such shares be transferred to identifiable shares by the end of 2003.
For the other Cxx applications--computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer-aided engineering (CAE)--visualization tools are the domain of the respective software vendors.
10251, January 2004, and Quarterly Journal of Economics, CXX, 3, August 2005, pp.