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also cy·an·am·id  (sī-ăn′ə-mĭd)
1. A deliquescent caustic crystalline compound, CH2N2, prepared by treating calcium cyanamide with sulfuric acid.
2. Calcium cyanamide.
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Noun1.cyanamid - a weak soluble dibasic acid (the parent acid of cyanamide salts)
acid - any of various water-soluble compounds having a sour taste and capable of turning litmus red and reacting with a base to form a salt
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(81) The North American Cyanamid Company did conduct some surveys among workers in its Welland and Niagara Falls plants in 1953, first when the UE was trying to replace the Cyanamid Independent Union in Niagara Falls as the bargaining agent for these workers and also when workers of the Niagara Falls plant went out on strike.
From his early days as a pigment chemist at American Cyanamid to his leadership today as president of Apollo Colors, as well as his prominent efforts on regulatory matters, Dave Klebine has played a major role in the pigment industry.
Henry Renella's career started in the pharmaceutical industry working in manufacturing for American Cyanamid, Lederle Laboratories.
Previously, Deptula was employed in senior management positions at US Bioscience, Schering Plough, American Cyanamid and Genetics Institute.
Previously, Novack has served as vice president of Business Development at Vaxin Inc, as senior director of Supply Chain Operations at MedImmune and has worked in various roles at American Cyanamid Company.
Prior to LectraJet/Bioject, D'Antonio served as brand manager for a sector of General Motors Corporation, portfolio manager at GM Motors Holding, and director of sales at Huntleigh Medical and American Cyanamid. He received his Bachelor of Science from West Chester University in West Chester, Pa., and his executive master's degree in business administration from the New York Institute of Technology, which has campuses in Manhattan, Iselip and Old Wesbury.
Officials said the firm's proppants division would build a 100,000-SF facility on 68 acres on Cyanamid Road in Saline County.
Allen was the recipient of numerous prestigious awards including the Sigma Xi Research Award at Michigan State, the Borden Award, the Morrison Award, Cyanamid Animal Physiology and Endocrinology Award, MSU's Distinguished Faculty Award, the Upjohn Physiology Award from the American Dairy Science Association, the Casida Award for excellence in graduate training and Rutgers Graduate School - New Brunswick Distinguished Alumni Award.
Beagle has also worked for BASF, American Cyanamid, and R.W.
Heldt joined BASF in 2000 following the company's acquisition of American Cyanamid. In 2005, he assumed responsibility for the crop protection business in North America.
That threshold test was altered by the House of Lords in American Cyanamid Co.
He began his business career in the petrochemical industry in the 1950's with such companies as American Cyanamid Co.