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1. Relating to or containing cyanogen.
2. Of a blue or bluish hue.
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(saɪˈæn ɪk)

1. blue: applied esp. to colors in flowers, including blues and colors tending toward blue.
2. pertaining to or containing cyanogen.
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Thus, it appears that TMP, an acid species, can help push the cyanic acid form to isomerize to the isocyanic acid form, as proposed in Equation 6.
As can be seen in the figure, if a design with cyanic light were demanded, then the concentration of the G-531 phosphor should be near 15%.
All of these processes depend on adding cyanic acid ([(HONC).sub.3]) and urea [((N[H.sub.2]).sub.2]CO) into exhaust gases of combustion.
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Urea, which is present in human body as a waste product of protein catabolism, slowly decomposes spontaneously in aqueous solutions forming cyanic acid (and its conjugate base, cyanate).
It is already the third time that the company changes the location of the cyanic facility,
When using cyanic acid (stabilizer) minimum and maximum values are set to respectively 2.0 and 5.0 mg*[L.sup.-1].
These heteroatoms relate to corrosion of machinery parts and participate in the formation of dangerous compounds such as cyanic products, SOx or NOx, in the combustion process 11,12].
The superficial vessels absorb light, with shorter wavelength and become reddish brown, which is the complementary color of GB light, whereas the deeper vessels absorb light with longer wavelength and appear cyanic hue (Figure 1).
Rather than the usual natural muted shades, favourite shades include the bright blue Effect powder in Cyanic, pounds 6.49; Eye-shadow 283, a brighter than bright yellow, pounds 4.99; and the sizzling orange Effect powder in Juice, pounds 6.49.
The city government initially believed it was just a food poisoning case while the local police announced the day after the incident that the victims apparently suffered cyanic acid poisoning.