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1. Relating to or containing cyanogen.
2. Of a blue or bluish hue.


(saɪˈæn ɪk)

1. blue: applied esp. to colors in flowers, including blues and colors tending toward blue.
2. pertaining to or containing cyanogen.
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Urea, which is present in human body as a waste product of protein catabolism, slowly decomposes spontaneously in aqueous solutions forming cyanic acid (and its conjugate base, cyanate).
It is already the third time that the company changes the location of the cyanic facility,
When using cyanic acid (stabilizer) minimum and maximum values are set to respectively 2.
Rather than the usual natural muted shades, favourite shades include the bright blue Effect powder in Cyanic, pounds 6.
The city government initially believed it was just a food poisoning case while the local police announced the day after the incident that the victims apparently suffered cyanic acid poisoning.
He hauled back on the cloth and kicked for the surface, where he jerked the water from his hair, and brought up next to him a head, spitting water and gasping, a cyanic face that opened mouth and eyes, taking everything in at once and not thinking much of it.
This cyanic pigmentation layer has now been shown for some plants to influence photosynthesis by enhancing reflectance, especially in low-light situations (Lee et al.
14, 1985, in which chocolate and other sweets containing toxic cyanic acid were found in department stores and elsewhere, will expire on Sunday, ending the police probe into a series of intimidatory acts in 1984-1985 against Glico, Morinaga, Fujiya Co.
The incidents concern arson at Glico head office in April 1984, attempted extortion of Marudai Food in April 1984 and attempted murder in October 1984, when chocolate candy containing toxic cyanic acid was found in supermarkets.
The cases are part of a series of intimidatory acts using toxic cyanic acid against confectioners Ezaki Glico Co.