cyano group

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Noun1.cyano group - the monovalent group -CN in a chemical compound
chemical group, radical, group - (chemistry) two or more atoms bound together as a single unit and forming part of a molecule
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The desired transformations were investigated using the conditions reported by Konig [26], by coupling the substrates 1 and 1a with the inorganic cyano group using CuCN surprisingly, contrary to the results revealed by Konig, a marked improvement in the isolated yields (90 and 85 %) were observed following the 18 and 20 h of irradiation under 7 W fluorescent bulb (Table 2, entries 2, 4).
Yan, H, Wang, H, Cheng, J, Fang, Z, Wang, H, "Effect of Iron Acetylacetonate on the Crosslink Structure, Thermal and Flammability Properties of Novel Aromatic Diamine-Based Benzoxazines Containing Cyano Group.
1] attributed to the stretching vibration of cyano group (C [equivalent to] N) and carbonyl (C=O), respectively, which correlated well with the chemical structure of m-PAEK-CN shown in Fig.
1] in the IR spectrum due to stretching vibration of de cyano group, in the 1H NMR can be observed the vinyl protons with E configuration at [delta] = 7.
The column's ligand design incorporates an extended alkyl chain spacer between the silica surface and cyano group, which gives extra phase stability and increased column lifetime.
Although direct introduction of the methyl group at C24 by opening the 23,24-epoxide was not successful, a cyano group was introduced specifically at C24 to give 22R,23R-diol (54).
Bromoxynil-degrading enzymes degrade the cyano group of bromoxynil into a carboxyl group.
Type I pyrethroids lack a cyano group at the CX-carbon of the 3-phenoxybenzyl alcohol moiety and produce a poisoning syndrome consisting of hyperexcitation, tremors, and convulsions (T syndrome).
Compound 4 was subjected to a standard procedure of transforming the cyano group into amidine via thioimidate salt [7], that is nitrile 4 was reacted with hydrogen sulphide affording thioamide 5, which was converted to thioimidate salt 6 with methyl iodide.
DFBN containing lateral cyano group was introduced to the oligomer main chain to increase crosslinkable cyano content in curing system.