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Adj.1.cyanobacterial - relating to or caused by photosynthetic bacteria of the class Cyanobacteria
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The cyanobacterial toxin microcystin caused the largest reported toxin contamination of community drinking water in August 2013 and September 2014 and was responsible for extensive community and water disruptions.
Microcystins production and antibacterial activity of cyanobacterial strains of Synechocystis, Synechococcus and Romeria from water and coral reef organisms (Brazil)
Cyanobacterial Metabolites as a Source of Sunscreens and Moisturizers: A Comparison with Current Synthetic Compounds," European Journal of Phycology 1-14, (2016).
Ballot A, Krientz L, Kotut K, Wiegand C, Metcalf JS, Codd GA and S Plugmacher Cyanobacteria and cyanobacterial toxins in three alkaline Rift Valley lakes of Kenya--Lakes Bogoria, Nakuru and Elmenteita.
Similarly, although blooms of Microcystis and other cyanobacteria species may be lumped in with other HABs, they are more properly known as cyanobacterial HABs, or cyanoHABs.
A cyanobacterial b-actin-like protein, responsible for lichenized Nostoc sp.
Chapter 24: Emerging high throughput analyses of cyanobacterial toxins and toxic cyanobacteria.
During the late 1960s the lake rapidly transitioned to an algaldominated, turbid state, characterized by strong cyanobacterial blooms and fish decimation (Maemets 1968).
Among their topics are a genome-wide analysis of cyanobacterial evolution: the example of Synechococcus, the RNA-seq based transcriptomic analysis of single cyanobacterial cells, transcriptomic and proteomic analysis to understand systems-level properties of diurnal cycle in nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria, metabolic engineering and systems biology for free fatty acid production in cyanobacteria, and ethanol production in cyanobacteria: the impact of omics of the model organism Synechocystis on yield enhancement.
In this study, we investigate whether two domains in PpPBP have similar functions to those in bacterial class A PBPs using cross-species complementation assays with cyanobacterial PBP in the PpPbp-knockout line ([DELTA]PpPbp).
His research interests include the development of new instrumental and spectroscopic techniques for metallomics applications and the metallomic study of cyanobacterial systems.
The investigated cyanobacterial isolates were sub-cultured, separately, in 5 L Erlenmeyer bottles, containing 3 L [B.