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First, "cyber" is an adjective; the dictionary defines the word as: "A combining form meaning computer, computer network, or virtual reality used in the formation of compound words (cybertalk; cyberart; cyberspace)." By that definition, cybersecurity is not all encompassing; it's a category of cyberspace focusing on security.
Abstract: This article contextualizes chicana cyberart in the decolonial conception of the region of Aztlan, confirming clearly that "Latin America is not entirely in the territory which carries its name" (CANCLINI, 2008).
(73) See Kurzweil CyberArt Technologies Inc, Ray Kurzweil's Cybernetic Poet (2001) <http://www>.
The fourth chapter, "Cyberart as an Expression of Cyberculture," deals with the perception of art through interface.
Frequently researched topics include film, video, cyberart and club cultures.
They range in style from narrative accounts of how women learned to use technology to academic research on patterns of online use among women to feminist criticism of reproductive and genetic engineering to cyberart and cyberpoetry.
* Cyberart - collaborations between creative machines and human visual artists, musicians, and authors-is emerging and increasingly taken seriously.
For the past quarter-century they have been conducting cyberart experiments with the help of the government and corporations.