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A news or entertainment program transmitted over the internet.

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Newspapers hired lip readers to cybercast live what was being said inside the Westminster Abbey and microblogging site Twitter recorded a high of 237 tweets per second on what was billed the wedding of the decade.
Widely Available, CYBERCAST NEWS SERVICE, June 13, 2007, available at
Working as a reporter at Cybercast News Service, Bluey gained national recognition as one of the "Rathergate bloggers," a group of bloggers and reporters who broke the story of the falsified documents CBS relied upon for its report on President Bush's National Guard service.
Walter Jones (R-N.C.) told Cybercast News Service in January that the Internal Revenue Code's ban on church electioneering infringes on the free speech rights of religious leaders and that he would urge Congress to pass a measure altering the tax code.
The disconnect is between Gun Owners of America and the National Rifle Association, reports Susan Jones of Cybercast News Service.
Citizens able to watch a cybercast of their city council hearing or a broadcast of another city's symphony.
Masters, Davis Resignation Scenario Murky, Experts Say, Cybercast News Service, at (Aug.
archdiocesan spokesman Tod Tamberg, on American Life League president Judie Brown's statement that pro-choice Catholic politicians should be refused Communion (Cybercast News Service, Oct.
(6) Cybercast News Service, "Faith groups criticize Bush faith-based initiative, feel 'co-opted'," June 16, 2003.