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1. A person who uses a virtual reality system: "Equipped with data goggles and a data glove, the virtual reality cybernaut moves through data landscapes as if they were physically located within that space" (Cathy Waldby).
2. A person who uses the internet.

[cyber- + -naut (as in astronaut).]


a person who is an expert in or uses the internet a lot
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Noun1.cybernaut - a computer user who uses the internet; someone who explores cyberspace
computer user - a person who uses computers for work or entertainment or communication or business
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Finally, on April 20, 2015, as promised, sponsors succeeded in getting one of the leading investment groups of China, Cybernaut, that has an investment fund of about $10 billion in China, to submit a formal offer to SBP governor committing to invest $100 million into KASB Bank, with $20 million to be invested before 13 May, $30 million by August, and remaining $50 million before end of year.
Capital Dynamics is also the parent fund of Sequoia Capital, IDG Capital and Cybernaut Fund.
Further, the sponsors of the bank introduced M/s Cybernaut Investment Group of China as a potential investor.
Cybernaut International's new management team made its first-ever public appearance.
Metaphors for the traveling cybernaut. Virtual Reality World, 1(1), q-s.
They have the same compulsive need to surf the net as their cybernaut parents.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-June 13, 2016-Dassault SystAmes signs agreement with Cybernaut Investment Group for 3DEXPERIENCE platform-related projects
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 13, 2016-Dassault SystAmes signs agreement with Cybernaut Investment Group
The incubator currently houses a range of game-developing companies including Retro Affect, Robot Loves Kitty, Skymap Games, SimQuest, Cybernaut Systems, Studio Grash and Super Stache Studios.
I am not sure whether the networked rural cybernaut is more or less integrated into the matrix of networks, or which networks matter most in different places, but it is clear that the network society has thoroughly penetrated life in almost all but the most remote places.
The Chinese investor group, Cybernaut Investment Group (CIG), was unable to establish a bonafide profile in spite of a reasonable time limit to do and as such, their request was declined on 27th April 2015.