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A person who specializes in finding information on the internet or managing digital information.

[Blend of cyber- and librarian.]


(Communications & Information) not standard a person responsible for archives and information available on the internet
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Cybrarian Lorri Zipperer has often written about the role of librarians in patient safety.
Technology and professional identity of librarians; the making of the cybrarian.
This change has brought new nomenclature including cybrarian, digital librarian, information scientist, digital library operations officer, library technologist, IT resource manager, knowledge manager, etc.
Benton, "Marian the Cybrarian," The Chronicle of Higher Education (Online).
There are three prototypes of email managers designed for older people-SeniorMail, which proposes a redesign of the email manager Outlook Express; Simple Mail, a simulated email system with a user interface simplified to five functions, and Cybrarian, based on fewer functions and an increase in the size of the features.
Digital Librarian, Cybrarian, or Librarian with Specialized Skills: Who Will Staff Digital Libraries?
Thank you to James Fort, cybrarian for the National Criminal Justice Reference Service, for his assistance in preparing this article.
Their specially-designed system, Cybrarian, was significantly more usable than an industry-standard equivalent (i.
It won the 2003 Cybrarian Project Award for its "outstanding effort and contribution towards the accessibility and usability of online information.
Jarvis is the Cybrarian for the University at Buffalo's Office of Creative Services
Also representing Great Oaks at the event were Steve Jackson, Great Oaks senior vice president; Susie Rutkowski, manager of disability education; and Robin Hoelle, Live Oaks cybrarian.