cyclamic acid

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cyc·la·mic acid

 (sĭk′lə-mĭk′, sī′klə-)
A crystalline acid, C6H13NO3S, used to produce cyclamates.

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122 s 1970, Entitled "General Regulation Governing the Prohibition of the Use of Cyclamic Acid and its Salts (B-6.3 Food Additives and Preservatives)" and Guidelines for Safe Use of Cyclamates as Food Additive.
It appears in the composition of the products as sodium and calcium cyclamates and cyclamic acid. The purpose of this research was to assess the effect of sodium cyclamate in kidneys of rats fetuses considering morphometric changes of glomerulus, proximal and distal convoluted tubules, and collecting duct.
Since 1996, the two new sweeteners have been found acceptable for use in food by the Scientific Committee on Food; - surveillance of authorised sweeteners, reduction in the intake of cyclamates: the Scientific Committee on Food reviewed the safety of cyclamic acid and its sodium and calcium salts in the light of new technical knowledge.