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Noun1.cycle rickshaw - a tricycle (usually propelled by pedalling)cycle rickshaw - a tricycle (usually propelled by pedalling); used in the Orient for transporting passengers for hire; "boys who once pulled rickshaws now pedal pedicabs"
tricycle, trike, velocipede - a vehicle with three wheels that is moved by foot pedals
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"Cycle rickshaws are deployed to pick up children from their places and bring them to the centres.
On this road, there is local traffic consisting of motor cycles, cycle rickshaws, and tractor trolleys; sugarcane trolleys are also rampant.
According to the National Sample Survey Office, more than 60 per cent of rural and urban households use buses as their main mode of public transportation, followed by auto-rickshaws, taxis, railways, and cycle rickshaws. While we have come a long way in reach and coverage when it comes to bus and rail networks, India's door-to-door transportation network is still dispersed and unreliable.
Some reports estimate there are 700,000 cycle rickshaws plying on Delhi roads.
Visitors are better off hiring cycle rickshaws to move around the park to cover the maximum area unless they are going to stay overnight nearby and return for a second day's tour.
Why are cycle rickshaws found mostly in towns to the North of the river Narmada?
Dubai: Cycle rickshaws may be a rare sight in India today, but some skilled potters from India's capital New Delhi are coming to pull these three-wheelers at the Global Village - just for the brisk business it brings along.
Apart from planning GTS, city fathers had also started a 'Kachra Train' in 1994 in the form of cycle and motor cycle rickshaws and mini-loaders but ironically, all projects failed due to incompetence of KMC authorities, a senior KMC employee said.
"People now use cycle rickshaws to transport goods, apart from travelling in them.
and a long line of Guatemalans on bicycles and cycle rickshaws are waiting to cross the border.