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Noun1.cystoplegia - paralysis of the urinary bladder
palsy, paralysis - loss of the ability to move a body part
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OCT was done on every patient's both eyes with dialated pupils (>5 mm diameter) after cycloplegic refraction.
On the first visit, cycloplegic refraction is usually performed as part of the comprehensive eye exam.
The instillation of cycloplegic drops followed the protocol used in the major population-based studies on refractive errors, and cycloplegia precision control was performed by observing direct photomotor reflection and pupil size in each eye before auto-refraction (5).
All subjects had cycloplegic refraction with 3 drops of cyclopentolate hydrochloride 1% (Bausch & Lomb, Rochester, NY, USA) administered 5 minutes apart to relieve all accommodative component.
The difference appears to be due to cycloplegic refraction which could not be done in our case.
Two hundred and seven medical students (114 female / 93 male) were checked for their refractive status as determined by cycloplegic auto refraction.
Therefore, the only option remained to apply anaesthetic eye drops (tetracaine with and without 2% ophthalmic lignocaine) combined with a mydriatic and cycloplegic collyrium Mydriasert[R] (tropicamide and phenylephrine).
A cycloplegic drop is also used to maintain pupil dilatation and manage the pain.
Tropicamide is an acetylcholine receptor blocker drug, which has short acting cycloplegic and mydriatic effect.