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A mood disorder characterized by alternating periods of elevated and depressed mood that are milder than those typical of bipolar disorder. Also called cyclothymic disorder.

cy′clo·thy′mic (-mĭk) adj. & n.
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Adj.1.cyclothymic - of or relating to or exhibiting cyclothymia
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When other temperament types were examined, no cyclothymic or hyperthymic dominant temperament was present in the patient group.
Second, we classified children as having a serious emotional disturbance (SED) if they had a MDC of mental diseases and disorder, and they had at least one service in the past 12 months with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, other psychotic disorders, major depression, bipolar disorders, cyclothymic disorder, schizotypal, chronic hypomanic, borderline personality disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorder, conduct disorder, or development disorder.
During the criminal prosecution of the defendant, two psychiatric forensic examinations were carried out, according to which he presented dysthymic syndrome with psychopatization of personality with cyclothymic aspects, instability and impulsivity.
Of the eleven children of Gheorghe and Raluca (a supposedly cyclothymic temperament herself) (Calinescu, 1966), three died in infancy or early childhood: Ruxandra (b.
Furthermore, she presented a pattern of bipolar-like phenomena that did not meet the criteria for bipolar I, bipolar II, or cyclothymic disorder.
Due to the fact that depression episodes occurred in six patients before CRPS, in five patients after CRPS, and in seven patients in the further course, it has to be presumed that cyclothymic courses with interim inconspicuous stages (6/37 = 16.2%) were responsible.
Hysterical personality traits were seen in 12.5% cases of acute polymorphic psychosis whereas Cyclothymic personality trait were seen in 16.67% of Mania.
Frequent and recurring periods of hypomania and depression lasting over a period of two years, one year in children, characterizes cyclothymic disorder or cyclothymia.
It contains 99 questions and consists of five subdimensions that establish depressive, cyclothymic, hyperthymic, irritable, and anxious temperaments.
Iasevoli et al., "Corrigendum to 'Treatment adherence towards prescribed medications in bipolar-II acute depressed patients: Relationship with cyclothymic temperament and "therapeutic sensation seeking" in response towards subjective intolerance to pain' [J.
Hatano et al., "Identification of the neural correlates of cyclothymic temperament using an esthetic judgment for paintings task in fMRI," Journal of Affective Disorders, vol.
Hospital day Key events First hospitalization (i) Initial differential diagnoses based on the initial interview and psychological testing (a) Major depressive disorder (b) Bipolar disorder (c) Cyclothymic disorder (mood fluctuation with impulsivity).