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n. ciclotropia, desviación del ojo alrededor del eje anteroposterior.
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(1,3,9) It has been reported that patients with acquired cyclotropia exhibit retinal sensory reorientation to overcome torsion and are only symptomatic in dissociated environments.
Superior oblique (SO) muscle palsy is the most common cause of cyclotropia and may be congenital or acquired.
Hypertropia and cyclotropia are usually the result ofincomitant deviations and new cases will require referral to the HES for an investigation of the underlying cause.
Seventeen of 19 patients with diplopia had strabismus: horizontal strabismus (N = 8), vertical strabismus (N = 5), concurrence (N = 3), and cyclotropia (N = 1).
Clinical and theoretical aspects of cyclotropia. J Pediatr Ophthalmol Strabismus.