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 (sī′mōs′) also cy·mous (-məs)
1. Relating to or resembling a cyme; determinate.
2. Bearing a cyme or cymes.

cy′mose′ly adv.
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(ˈsaɪməʊs; -məʊz; saɪˈməʊs) or


(Botany) having the characteristics of a cyme
ˈcymosely adv
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(ˈsaɪ moʊs, saɪˈmoʊs)

1. bearing a cyme or cymes.
2. of or of the nature of a cyme.
[1800–10; < Latin cymōsus full of shoots. See cyme, -ose1]
cy′mose•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.cymose - having a usually flat-topped flower cluster in which the main and branch stems each end in a flower that opens before those below it or to its side
phytology, botany - the branch of biology that studies plants
determinate - not continuing to grow indefinitely at the apex; "determinate growth"
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