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Noun1.cymule - a small cyme, generally with few flowers
cyme - more or less flat-topped cluster of flowers in which the central or terminal flower opens first
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Position of proximal involucral bract: 0, separated from pistillate cymule; 1, adjacent to pistillate cymule.
Staminate flowers Staminate Staminate inflorescence inflorescence of dense, puberulent, congested cymules appearing capitate, appearing capitate, 10 mm diameter, 10 mm diameter, peduncle 10-15 mm densely puberulent, long, many flowered, peduncle 8-10 mm pedicels very short, long, many-flowered, and stamens well stamens somewhat exserted.
Characters scored are: habitat, presence/absence of stellate trichomes, presence/ absence of lepidote trichomes, stigma type, stamen number, presence/absence of petals in pistillate flowers, sepal type in pistillate flowers, and presence/absence of bisexual cymules. These morphological characters are the main ones used by Webster (1993) in developing the current taxonomic framework of the genus.