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 (sĭ-prĭn′ə-dŏnt′, -prī′nə-)
Any of various small fishes of the family Cyprinodontidae, which includes the pupfishes and formerly included the killifishes and topminnows.

[Latin cyprīnus, carp (from Greek kuprīnos; see cyprinid) + -odont.]

cy·prin′o·dont′ adj.
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(sɪˈprɪnəˌdɒnt; sɪˈpraɪ-)
(Animals) any small tropical or subtropical soft-finned fish of the mostly marine family Cyprinodontidae, resembling carp but having toothed jaws. The group includes the guppy, killifish, swordtail, and topminnow
(Animals) of, relating to, or belonging to the Cyprinodontidae
[C19: from Latin cyprīnus carp (see cyprinid) + -odont]
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(sɪˈprɪn əˌdɒnt)

any of the small, soft-rayed freshwater fishes of the family Cyprinodontidae, including the killifishes, topminnows, and guppies.
[1855–60; < New Latin Cyprinodontidae]
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Noun1.cyprinodont - any member of the family Cyprinodontidaecyprinodont - any member of the family Cyprinodontidae
cypriniform fish - a soft-finned fish of the order Cypriniformes
Cyprinodontidae, family Cyprinodontidae - large family of small soft-finned fishes; killifishes; flagfishes; swordtails; guppies
killifish - small mostly marine warm-water carp-like schooling fishes; used as bait or aquarium fishes or in mosquito control
helleri, swordtail, Xyphophorus helleri, topminnow - freshwater fish of Central America having a long swordlike tail; popular aquarium fish
guppy, Lebistes reticulatus, rainbow fish - small freshwater fish of South America and the West Indies; often kept in aquariums
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