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n. pl. cyp·se·lae (-lē′)
An achene fruit derived from an inferior ovary, characteristic of plants in the composite family.

[New Latin, from Greek kupselē, hollow vessel.]


n, pl -lae (-ˌliː)
(Botany) the dry one-seeded fruit of the daisy and related plants, which resembles an achene but is surrounded by a calyx sheath
[C19: from New Latin, from Greek kupselē chest, hollow vessel]
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THE DEAL Seven-nights' selfcatering at Camping Cypsela from May 25 starts at PS337 based on six sharing a classic two-bedroom mobile home.
Added to this list was Cypsela Resort, set on the Costa Brava in Spain's Catalonia region, and it came highly recommended by a work colleague who recalled his "best ever summers in paradise".
Fruit type: capsule loculicidal=0; capsule septicidal=1; berry=2; drupe=3; cypsela, with persistent remains of calyx=4; cypsela, lacking remains of calyx= 5; schizocarp=6.
Well having spent eight nights at Eurocamp's Cypsela resort on the Costa Brava let me tell you, sunshine breaks are alive and kicking.
Two years ago we had a fantastic holiday at the excellent Playa De Pals campsite at Cypsela, Catalonia.
Having experienced various campsites across Europe over the years - both under canvas and in mobile homes - it was quite a shock to come across a full-blown emergency on our arrival at Cypsela, near the village of Pals.
We chose a big campsite, Cypsela, near Pals, about half an hour south of the bigger resort of Estartit.
Getting out of Barcelona airport proved quite easy and within a couple of hours I was at Cypsela campsite near Platya de Pals.
Picking up a car at Barcelona, we travelled the 90 miles to Cypsela, a superb campsite near Pals, in under two hours.
Next morning, the feverish heat has given way to bright sunshine and it's time to explore our Keycamp destination -Camping Cypsela, near Pals in Catalonia, 'considered by many,' according to the brochure, 'to be the finest campsite in Spain'.
He remained in that diocese until 1 July 1937 when he was promoted titular Archbishop of Cypsela and appointed as coadjutor to Archbishop Michael Kelly of Sydney with the right of succession, which occurred on 8 March 1940 on the death of Archbishop Kelly.
I stopped taking scientific images at comparable magnitudes of the cypsela surface And started storing images--straight to disk, mind you Of these fine toothed appendages that fly the seeds to good fortune Their elongated tips Crossing in the image formed from electrons reflecting from the gold coating Real gold on real fruit of real plants.