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(ˌæn dʒiˈoʊ mə)

n., pl. -mas, -ma•ta (-mə tə)
a benign tumor consisting chiefly of dilated or newly formed blood vessels (hemangioma) or lymph vessels (lymphangioma).
[1870–75; < Greek angeî(on) vessel (see angio-) + -oma]
an`gi•om′a•tous (-ˈɒm ə təs, -ˈoʊ mə-) adj.
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Noun1.lymphangioma - benign angioma consisting of a mass of lymphatic vessels
angioma - a tumor consisting of a mass of blood or lymphatic vessels
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Although, cavernous and cystic lymphangiomas show the same histological pattern, cystic lesions are usually larger and symptomatic.
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They consider that the early diagnosis of a chest wall cystic lymphangioma is not associated with poor prognosis, as in cases of lymphangiomas of other localization, due to chromosomal or anatomical anomalies, or even hydrops fetalis [14, 15].
Differential diagnoses of a presacral cystic lesion might include rectal duplication cyst, dermoid cyst, epidermoid cyst, cystic lymphangioma, and anterior meningocele.
In addition, we detailed the reasons for misdiagnosis and the therapeutic method of cystic lymphangioma originating in the abdomen treated in our institution, in addition to investigating postoperative recurrences and processing modes.
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Retroperitoneal cystic lymphangioma. The differential diagnosis based on imaging findings included cystic mesothelioma and retroperitoneal cystadenoma.
Final pathology report revealed cystic lymphangioma with characteristics of dilated lymphatic spaces with lymphoid follicles.