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n. cistograma, rayos-x de la vejiga.
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Matt is informed that he will be discharged home with pain medication, stool softeners, and bladder spasm medications, along with a follow-up appointment in one week to undergo a cystogram that will tell whether the catheter can be removed.
Cystogram showed no vesicoureteral reflux, but congenital diastasis of the pubic symphysis was detected in voiding cysto-uretrography (Figure 1).
We typically do not perform a cystogram on removal of the Foley catheter, although other authors have advocated this.
A large bore catheter was then placed and a cystogram was performed with instillation of 300 cc of contrast into the bladder to evaluate for bladder perforation, as well as evidence of vesicoureteral reflux (VUR).
Catheter was removed after three weeks and cystogram was done to exclude the failure of surgery.
Post operatively, the ruptured bladder can be managed safely with simple catheter drainage and leave the catheter in for 7-10 days and then obtain a cystogram (Kotkin and Koch, 1995).
Voiding cystogram performed 10 days post-op did not demonstrate any extravasation or abnormal findings.
A CT cystogram was performed which demonstrated vesicoureteral reflux into the collecting system and incarceration of dilated ureter within a right inguinal hernia.
CT cystogram demonstrated the significant pelvic trauma, including extravasation of contrast, confirming intraperitoneal bladder rupture (Figure 1).
5) Children, therefore require a voiding cystogram, if VUR is to be detected.
Hwang et al conducted a cohort study in which they observed that employing a voiding cystogram (VCUG) to evaluate prenatal hydronephrosis leads to detection of VUR in 9% to 21% of cases (10).
A voiding cystogram revealed an elongated 'teardrop' bladder with constant indentation and irregularity of the vesical dome suggestive of extrinsic compression with possible mural invasion (Fig.