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n. ileocistoplastia, sutura de un segmento del íleon a la vejiga para aumentar la capacidad de ésta.
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Another study also addressed safety in 80 children receiving chronic gentamicin bladder instillations where half had a prior augmentation cystoplasty.
Tissue-engineered autologous bladders for patients needing cystoplasty.
In addition, augmentation cystoplasty can be a final solution if needed in very rare situations.
Surgical treatments for urge incontinence, such as augmentation cystoplasty or urinary diversion, are options reserved for patients with severe, refractory, complicated non-neurogenic urgency incontinence (Gormley et al.
Orthotopic neobladder includes ileal cystoplasty (Studer bladder, M-shaped ileum bladder), sigmoid cystoplasty, cecal cystoplasty, and gastrocystoplasty.
Augmentation cystoplasty and risk of neoplasia: fact, fiction and controversy.
Secondary malignancy occurrence is well described in the literature, regarding ureterosigmoidostomy, cystoplasty, and intestinal conduit.
Augmentation cystoplasty was performed in 9 patients and bladder capacity improved significantly in all patients.
The utilization of the ureter in augmentation cystoplasty results in a uroepithelium-lined neobladder with all of the appropriate histologic layers.
Encouraged by the promising results, present study was conducted to test the efficacy of bladder acellular matrix graft with and without cell seeding for cystoplasty in rabbits and to evaluate the process of bladder regeneration.
The most common surgical option, augmentation cystoplasty, involves placing a "patch" derived from an individual's bowel over a part of the diseased organ in order to increase its size.
More recently Atala et al (2006) have reported of the use of autologous urothelial and smooth muscle cells seeded onto collagen and polyglycolic acid composite matrices and used for augmentation cystoplasty in clinical trials in seven patients.