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n.1.(Surg.) A knife or instrument used in cystotomy.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In the capsulorhexis stage, the user applies viscoelastic material to the anterior chamber, uses a cystotome to create a flap and makes a circular capsulorhexis using forceps.
After creating a flap in the anterior capsule using a 27-gauge cystotome, an anterior capsulorhexis with a diameter of approximately 5 mm was made using microcoaxial forceps.
Gastrostomy (or duodenostomy) was created with the use of Giovannini cystostome (Cystotome CST-10, Wilson-Cook).
A capsulorhexis was created using a cystotome needle after filling the anterior chamber with a viscoadaptive ophthalmic viscosurgical device (OVD): Opegan (Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Osaka, Japan) and/or Healon or Healon 5 (Abbott Medical Optics).
After that, a guidewire was inserted, and the fistula was dilated with an electrical needle knife (Zimmon papillotomy knife or Cystotome; Cook Medical) to facilitate stent placement.
The routine surgical approach for pediatric cataract is to perform anterior CCC with cystotome needle, lens matter aspiration with I/A Simco cannula, posterior CCC with cystotome needle and anterior vitrectomy or using pars plana approach, posterior capsule incised with 20G MVR blade and anterior vitreous removed with 20G vitrectomy system.4 This method has some disadvantages.
After the bile duct was accessed as described earlier, the biliary-enteric fistula was dilated with biliary dilator catheters (Soehendra dilation catheter 6 or 7 Fr; Cook Endoscopy) or cystotome (10 Fr; Wilson-Cook Medical), which acted as a salvage procedure for failed catheter dilation.
Side port was made and anterior chamber was filled with viscoelastic solution and capsulorhexis was performed with cystotome made from 26 gauge needle.
It can be performed using cystotome, small incision capsulorhexis forceps, or utrata forceps [1-4].
In Group A, PCCC was done by using a sharp cystotome or the barbed tip of a disposable needle to snag a small central flap in the posterior capsule.