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n. cistouretrografía, radiografía de la vejiga y la uretra.
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The gold standard for diagnosis remains the radiographic voiding cystourethrography and retrograde urethrography.
Vesicoureteral reflux and urinary tract infection in children with a history of prenatal hydronephrosis--should voiding cystourethrography be performed in cases of postnatally persistent Grade II hydronephrosis?
There are multiple modalities available for diagnosing urethral strictures as voiding cystourethrography, retrograde urethrography (RUG), sonourethrography (SUG), MRI and endoscopic cystourethrography.
The main diagnostic imaging procedures include voiding cystourethrography intravenous pyelography ultrasonography (USG) retrograde urethrography and MRI.
Title: Frequency of Septic Complications after Voiding Cystourethrography without Prior Urine Culture in Children Three Months to Six Years of Age with Urinary Tract Infection and Clinical Response to Antibiotic Treatment
Patients were divided into five main groups according to their clinical [fever, abdominal pain, anorexia and dysuria etc) and paraclinical findings [leukocyturia, positive urine culture, increased ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate), positive CRP(C- reactive protein) and ultrasonography, voiding cystourethrography.
The subcommittee reaffirmed the 2011 guidance concerning a "less aggressive" approach: Renal and bladder ultrasound are adequate for assessment of risk for renal scarring at first episodes, and watchful waiting without performing voiding cystourethrography (VCUG) or initiating prophylaxis is appropriate.
A lateral cystourethrography will identify hypermobility or fixation of the urethra, and three-dimensional ultrasound will evaluate the urethral sphincter.
Cho MH, Ko CW The necessity of voiding cystourethrography in children with prenataily diagnosed hydronephrosis.
Preoperative evaluation included urinary ultrasound, voiding cystourethrography, urodynamic analysis and a nuclear renal scan with [.
Ashley was referred back to the urology clinic for a repeat evaluation and possible voiding cystourethrography to rule out vesicouretheral reflux.
Intravenous urogram (IVU) and voiding cystourethrography (VCUG) to rule out vesicoureteric reflux (VUR) were also done selectively.