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There were clear cells (some contained large cytologically atypical nuclei stained dark) [Figure 1]c in the stratum spinosum, and the basement membrane was not involved.
Prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN) is broadly characterized by the growth of cytologically atypical cells within architecturally benign prostatic ducts or acini and is classified as either low or high grade (LGPIN or HGPIN).
The high-grade soft tissue osteosarcoma of the breast is a cytologically malignant spindle cell neoplasm dominated by extensive production of osteoid and bone associated with the cytologically atypical cells.
The cytologically malignant and suspicious LNs had a significantly greater longitudinal [L: 22 (16-29) and 20 (16-26) mm, respectively] and transverse diameter [T: 13 (10-18) and 11 (9-18) mm] compared to the benign LNs [L: 17 (14-22) mm, p=0.
Ten cells from 10 individuals per landrace population were observed cytologically and scored for the mean number of C-bands present.
Ten-year outcomes of patients with breast cancer with cytologically confirmed axillary lymph node metastases and pathologic complete response after primary systemic chemotherapy.
0%) cases were cytologically class 3 or given as suspicious smear (FP).
In this case report, we present two such cases of rare stromal changes in malignant phyllodes, which caused immense diagnostic difficulty, investigated cytologically and confirmed histopathologically.
Cytologically, it shows hypercellularity and haphazard cellular arrangement with cell population mainly composed of spindle, epithelioid, plasmacytoid and clear cells (10).
Breast cancers have been graded cytologically on FNA in West 6,7 but not in our set up.
The unique microscopic features of MASC can be also recognized cytologically by fine-needle aspiration biopsy [3,4].
Otherwise, TDC smear in which only phagocytes and follicular cells are seen cannot be cytologically distinguished from colloidalcystic nodules of the thyroid gland.