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The dissolution or destruction of a cell.

cy′to·lyt′ic (sī′tə-lĭt′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.cytolytic - of or relating to cytolysis, the dissolution or destruction of a cell


a. citolítico-a, que tiene la cualidad de disolver o destruir células.
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Most [alpha]-motor neurons were positive for perforin, the cytolytic protein used by CD8 T cells and natural killer cells to cause cell death (Figure, F).
The cytolytic activities of ovalbumin (OVA), which is specific against OVA-transfected A20 (OVA-A20) B lymphoma cells, and NK cells against YAC-1 were significantly enhanced in the mice fed with fucoidan compared with a basic diet.
Expression of mouse interleukin-4 by a recombinant ectromelia virus suppresses cytolytic responses and overcomes genetic resistance to mousepox.
IL-2 enhances monocyte cytotoxicity, increases phagocytosis and proliferation of macrophages and stimulates natural killer cell proliferation and cytolytic activity (Anasetti et al.
It should be noted that higher levels of cytolytic syndrome and viral load were detected in genotype 1b than in cases of genotypes 3a and 2a.
Modulation of immune effectors cell cytolytic activity and tumor growth inhibition in vivo by Ukrain (NSC--631570).
Functional heterogeneity of cytokines and cytolytic effector molecules in human CD8+ T lymphocytes.
Human cytolytic and interferon-gamma secreting CD8+ T lymphocytes specific for Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
Tumor samples with MAGE-A expression [greater than or equal to]3% may express enough MAGE antigen to be recognized by cytolytic T lymphocytes (5).
The patient requires prevention of malignancy-associated hyperuricemia and tumor lysis syndrome due to cytolytic therapy for hematologic malignancies; the resulting massive uricosuria precludes the use of uricosuric drugs.
In addition, we assessed the biodefense status by measuring the natural killer cytolytic activity (NK activity), IL-2 producing activity of peripheral lymphocytes, lymphocyte proliferating activity and lymphocyte cell-surface antigens.