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Of, relating to, or producing pathological changes in cells.

cy′to·path′o·ge·nic′i·ty (-jə-nĭs′ĭ-tē) n.


causing cytopathy
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Adj.1.cytopathogenic - of or relating to or causing pathological changes in cells
unhealthful - detrimental to good health; "unhealthful air pollution"; "unhealthful conditions in old apartments with peeling lead-based paint"
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The analyses of the plaques (plaque-forming unit, PFU) and the cytopathogenic effect (CPE) were performed 3-6 days later.
The influenza H1N1 was found to induce severe cytopathogenic effects in a dose-dependant manner, however the cells treated with RGE displayed decreased viral cytopathogenic effects and reduced cell death caused by the virus.
Cytopathogenic effect of poliomyelitis viruses in vitro on, human embryonic tissues.
Of the 616 samples, 238 induced cytopathogenic effects in human cells, of which 20 also induced cytopathogenic effects in L20B cells; the latter samples were confirmed by reverse transcription PCR molecular testing (7) to contain PV strains.
The effects of the combination were compared to several positive controls (acyclovir, ribavirin and amantadine hydrochloride) and assessment of the effects was done by standard viral viability tests (plaque reduction assay, cytopathogenic assays, virus titrations, analysis of the viral proteins in virus-specific enzyme immunoassays, and haemagglutination tests).
In CSF we found a rapidly growing cytopathogenic virus in Vero cell culture (unpublished).
This method allows the subsequent typing of the isolate by neutralization assays but is rather slow because some serotypes require up to 3 weeks to show a cytopathogenic effect (3-5,9,13).
Role of adherence in cytopathogenic mechanisms of Entamoeba histolytica: Study with mammalian tissue culture cells and human erythrocytes.
PENZBERG, Germany -- To understand overall infectivity, virus progression and disease-onset it is important to perform a detailed examination of cytopathogenic effects.