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The study of cells and chemical compounds within cells by means of a cytophotometer.

cy′to·pho′to·met′ric (-tə-mĕt′rĭk) adj.
cy′to·pho′to·met′ri·cal·ly adv.


the use of a photometer in order to study the chemical compounds of a cell
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Noun1.cytophotometry - the study of chemical compounds inside a cell by means of a cytophotometer
photometry - measurement of the properties of light (especially luminous intensity)
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Flow cytometry was originally known as pulse cytophotometry. (1) The name was introduced in 1976, about eight years after the patent was issued on this new kind of technology.
Quantitative methods include assessment of DNA cytophotometry, nuclear cytoplasmic ratio, cell diameter, nuclear diameter, cell volume, cell density, etc.
The results of the present study were correlating with that of results obtained by Ogden et al., (9,10) i.e the effect of radiotherapy on normal buccal mucosa was investigated using the quantitative techniques of cytomorphology (measurement of nuclear and cytoplasmic area) and DNA cytophotometry. These techniques were applied to smears obtained before, during, and after irradiation.