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Adj.1.cytoplasmatic - of or relating to cytoplasm
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santolla, histological H-E and histochemical analysis demonstrated changes in nuclear appearance and cytoplasmatic granulation of oocytes, and significant yolk accumulation during the vitellogenesis stages of oogenesis.
It provides a specific designation of mono- and oligonucleosomes in the cytoplasmatic fraction of cell lysates.
MPO is abundantly present within the cytoplasmatic granules of neutrophils.
Interestingly, the authors demonstrated that ectopic endometrium was significantly characterized by less immunoreactivity for I[kappa]B, a cytoplasmatic inhibitor of the transcription factor nuclear factor (NF)-[kappa]B, and that [E.sub.2] might modulate its expression.
The bacteria cells accommodated white large inclusion particles within the cytoplasmatic fluid and also the cells were stretched and inflated based on the number of particles within the cells.
The main defects observed were cytoplasmatic droplets, prominent tails and bent tails.
The clusters of two monogerm seed red beet (Beta vulgaris L.) cytoplasmatic male sterile breeding lines, AR79 and W411, were used in the present study.
These informations are not well established; however, Cushnie and Lamb (2005) pointed that flavonoids favor pathogens metabolic modifications, acting inhibiting nucleic acid synthesis during cytoplasmatic membrane formation and energetic metabolism.
Adipocyte fatty-acid-binding protein (FABP4) is a member of the cytoplasmatic fatty-acid-binding protein multigene family that is primarily expressed in adipocytes and macrophages (83).
These observations might tentatively be linked to peculiar aspects of the maturation and differentiation of Schwann cells in neurofibromas, which might translate into different concentrations of the cytoplasmatic content of neurofibromin, arising from differences in the morphological expression of genetic alterations of the NF1 gene (monoallelic or biallelic) [2-6] and the neural microenvironment [7].
Cytoplasmatic positivity for GCDFP-15 is also highly specific (90%) to identify a malignant breast lesion.