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The protoplasm enclosed by the plasma membrane of cell, excluding the nucleus in eukaryotic cells and cellular DNA in prokaryotic cells.

cy′to·plas′mic (-plăz′mĭk) adj.
cy′to·plas′mi·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.cytoplasmic - of or relating to cytoplasm
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However, these subtypes share common histopathological changes, characterized by neuronal loss, gliosis and the presence of glial cytoplasmic inclusions (GCI) with a-synuclein.
synuclein in oligodendrocytes, where it forms glial cytoplasmic inclusions killing neurons and glial cells.
A number of cytoplasmic inclusions are frequently found, including lipid droplets and lysosomes in the Leydig cells (Fig.
Negri bodies are cytoplasmic inclusions in neurons that are composed of rabies virus proteins and RNA.
On light microscopy, a good morphologic method to demonstrate Fabry deposits is to use tissues fixed in glutaraldehyde, embedded in Epon, and stained with toluidine blue dye, which yields dark blue cytoplasmic inclusions in glomeruli, tubules, and arteries (Figure 2, A through D).
The cells are usually bland with round nuclei, often with intranuclear cytoplasmic inclusions.
However, Papp and Lantos described high densities of glial cytoplasmic inclusions in the supplementary and primary motor cortical areas and subjacent white matter and moderate densities of glial cytoplasmic inclusions in the premotor area, cingulate motor area, and corpus callosum in MSA [20].
Cytoplasmic inclusions have also been seen in infected cells, though less distinct and smaller, often measuring only 1-3 microns but more readily apparent with special stains such as periodic acid-schiff (PAS) and gomori-methenamine silver (GMS).
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia with IgM lambda and IgG lambda cytoplasmic inclusions.
The characteristic cytologic features of conventional melanoma are: high cell-yield, predominant epithelioid/plasmacytoid cells with eccentrically placed nuclei and a dissociated pattern, abundant cytoplasm, cytoplasmic melanin pigments, prominent anisokaryosis, macronucleoli, intra-nuclear cytoplasmic inclusions, and variable numbers of bi- and multinucleated cells.
The intranuclear CMV inclusions were defined by central, dark-purple bodies that were separated from the surrounding chromatin by a clear halo; the cytoplasmic inclusions appear as coarse basophilic granules.
They were highly pleomorphic and showed brisk mitoses with some atypical ones (Figure 3a), intranuclear cytoplasmic inclusions (Figure 3b) and multiple tumour giant cells (Figure 3c).

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