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The protoplasm enclosed by the plasma membrane of cell, excluding the nucleus in eukaryotic cells and cellular DNA in prokaryotic cells.

cy′to·plas′mic (-plăz′mĭk) adj.
cy′to·plas′mi·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.cytoplasmic - of or relating to cytoplasm
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In these essays, many of which are classics or out of print contributors describe their work in yeast biology, covering cytoplasmic inheritance, homologous recombination, chromosome replication and segregation, transcription, translation, cell division, cell growth, differentiation, mating filamentation, meiosis and spore development, signal transduction, cytoskeleton and morphogenesis, membrane traffic, protein translocation, ubiquitination and protein turnover, and genomics.
Some of these are: the non-linear relationship between genome and phenotype among species, (2) ability of proteins to transmit information, (3) "non-nucleic acid" or cytoplasmic inheritance, (4) existence of more than 95% of DNA in the eukaryote genomes as non-coding meaningless DNA referred to as "junk DNA", (5) and epigenetic modifications which do not alter the gene sequence but still can influence the phenotype (e.
In fact, the plastid function of some cells is to support the formation of other cells--for example, the tapetum and the vegetative cell--whereas others, especially sperm cells, sometimes contain plastids responsible for biparental cytoplasmic inheritance and thus are directly involved in the reproductive process.

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