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 (sī′tə-stā′sĭs, -stăs′ĭs)
Arrest of cellular growth and multiplication.
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Evaluation of chromosomal DNA damage, cytotoxicity, cytostasis, oxidative DNA damage and their relationship with endocrine hormones in patients with acute organophosphate poisoning.
Chemotherapy remains the mainstay means for treatment of malignancies either by cytotoxicity or cytostasis. DNA damage and subsequent induction of apoptosis is the primary mechanism of cytotoxic drugs like antimetabolites and alkylating agents (Rixe and Fojo, 2007).
Cytostasis (i) TGF-[beta] can activate cytostatic gene responses at any point in the cell cycle phases G1, S, or G2 [112] (ii) TGF-[beta] induces activation of the cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) inhibitors [113-115] and repression of the growth- promoting transcription factors c-MYC and inhibitors of differentiation (ID1, ID2, and ID3) [116].
Therefore, this assay is an important tool for the measurement of chromosomal DNA damage (MN, NPBs, and NBUDs), cytotoxicity (necrotic and apoptotic cell ratios), and cytostasis (the proportion of mono-, bi-, and multinucleated cells; nuclear division index (NDI)) in human peripheral blood lymphocytes.
A macrophage product responsible for cytostasis and respiratory inhibition in tumor target cells," The Journal of Experimental Medicine, vol.