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A technician trained in medical examination and identification of cellular abnormalities.

cy′to·tech·nol′o·gy n.
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When the distributions were further stratified by participant types (pathologist, cytotechnologist, and laboratory), no significant difference among the different false-negative interpretation was identified among these 3 participant types (Table 4).
Sharda Lallu, BSc CFIAC, Cytotechnologist Sarla Naran, BSc CFIAC, Cytotechnologist Catherine Koleda, FRCPA MBBS BMedSc(Hons), Histo and Cytopathologist
Use of Cytotechnologists will meet Federal and State guidelines and Pap smears will be reviewed by a Senior Cytotechnologist and/or Board Certified Pathologist.
Jennifer Clark, SCT(ASCP)CM, MB[TM] is ASCP Manager of Curriculum and Learning Strategy and cytotechnologist staff member of the ASC/ASCP Workgroup.
Gen-Probe assay, PCR, RT-PCR, Branched DNA, Ligase Chain Reaction, TMA) Cytotechnologist DNA/RNA extraction Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) Microscopy (signal analysis) Signal amplified hybridizaton (hybrid capture for HPV detection) Histotechnologist DNA/RNA extraction Chromogenic in situ hybridization(CISH) Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) PROPOSED SPECIALTY MOLECULAR BIOLOGY EXAM CORRELATING WITH SCOPE OF PRACTICE IN A FULL SERVICE MOLECULAR DIAGNOSTIC LABORATORY Clinical experience in 7 of the 11 procedures listed below DNA/RNA extraction Signal amplified hybridization assays (e.
The high percentage of LSIL reported by the cytotechnologist is explained by the high number of HPV cytological FP diagnosed.
With the ThinPrep imaging system, the system can identify 22 microscopic fields of interest for the cytotechnologist who reviews each slide.
Jennifer Odle is a cytotechnologist in the pathology department at UAMS.
The slide is delivered to a laboratory where a cytotechnologist (a lab professional who reviews your Pap test slides) and, when necessary, a pathologist (a health care professional who examines bodily tissue samples) examines the sample for any abnormalities.
A cytotechnologist at Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital, Staymates studies cells for cancer, pre-cancerous lesions, infections and other diseases.