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A technician trained in medical examination and identification of cellular abnormalities.

cy′to·tech·nol′o·gy n.
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I learned of a week-long volunteer opportunity from an amazing cytotechnologist at Duke University, Nasera Hassan, CFIAC, who led the development of a cervical cytology screening school at a clinic in Cusco, Peru.
Normal Pap smear tests, other than those cases which may show reactive changes or reparative changes, can be concluded by a cytotechnologist and need not be always analysed by a pathologist.
Donna received her Associates of Arts degree and worked as a Cytotechnologist at Mercy Hospital in Chicago.
Sharda Lallu, BSc CT(FIAC), Cytotechnologist Sarla Naran, BSc CT(FIAC), Cytotechnologist Peter Bethwaite, MB ChB PhD FFSc(RCPA) FRCPA, Cytopathologist
Additionally, the company's new ThinPrep Integrated Imager consolidates the needs of the cytotechnologist into one device, which can be used as a conventional microscope.
Namely, the percentage of positivity in vesicles was much higher than that of pustules.11 Clinicians can easily obtain experience in using the Tzanck smear effectively in office practice with the help of supplemental screening by a cytopathologist or cytotechnologist.
Jennifer Clark, SCT(ASCP)CM, MB[TM] is ASCP Manager of Curriculum and Learning Strategy and cytotechnologist staff member of the ASC/ASCP Workgroup.
The slide or vial is delivered to a laboratory where a cytotechnologist (a lab professional who reviews your tissue sample) and, when necessary, a pathologist (a health care professional who examines bodily tissue samples) examines the sample for any abnormalities.
The accuracy of cytological diagnosis depends on several factors including the experience of aspirator, sampling method, the adequacy of sample the target organ and the expertise of examiner (Cytotechnologist and cytopathologist).
This study found 13.7% (cytotechnologist) and 8.7% (pathologist) HPV infection in women with normal Pap smears.
Jennifer Odle is a cytotechnologist in the pathology department at UAMS.