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Of, relating to, or producing a toxic effect on cells.

cy′to·tox·ic′i·ty (-tŏk-sĭs′ĭ-tē) n.
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(ˌsaɪ toʊ tɒkˈsɪs ɪ ti)

cell destruction caused by a cytotoxin.
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Noun1.cytotoxicity - the degree to which something is toxic to living cells
toxicity - the degree to which something is poisonous
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n. citotoxicidad, la capacidad de un agente de destruir ciertas células.
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Despite several demonstrations of relatively nontoxic compositions being delivered to cells, concerns remain regarding the cytotoxicity of released cadmium ions and the associated oxidative stress.
Rituximab is a monoclonal antibody which binds to CD20 antigen on the surface of B lymphocytes and mediates complement-dependent cytotoxicity (CDC) and antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC).
Not only does it pass USP Class VI tests for biocompatibility, but it also meets ISO 10993-5 for cytotoxicity, making it ideal for many applications in the medical device industry, according to the manufacturer.
Our findings reveal a potentially novel mechanism of cytotoxicity for Cdc7 inhibitors that is distinct from other agents, and thus SRA141 may herald a new class of cancer therapeutic agents with a differentiated anti-tumor profile."
Basal cytotoxicity is certainly a key factor in many prevalent toxicological modes-of-action associated with acute health effects.
IC50 for miltefosine, NM-3 and NM-4 against THP-1was 0.000347uM, 44.9uM and 119uM; whereas, their cytotoxicity was 72.26uM, 255uM and 293.8uM, respectively against peripheral blood lymphocytes.
These monomers are associated with cytotoxicity and oxidative stress in tissue or cell and influence the signal transduction pathways and complex regulatory cellular networks.
The effect of cytotoxicity has also been observed for nanocomposite using fibroblast 3T3 cell line can be analyzed by MTT assay.
Understanding the cellular mechanisms by which the nephrotoxic aminoglycoside gentamicin activates membrane receptors and induces cellular cytotoxicity will enable future identification of aminoglycoside-sensitive targets and potential uptake blockers (14).
Their cytotoxicity in vitro against three human cancer cell lines (MCF-7, A549 and HepG2) were evaluated by the MTT assay.
(6) showed that the cytotoxicity levels of dental composites may vary depending on the type and amount of the components they contain.