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 (zä-rĭt′sə, tsä-rēt′-)
An empress of Russia.

[Russian tsaritsa : tsar', czar; see czar + -itsa, feminine suff.]
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Noun1.czaritza - the wife or widow of a czarczaritza - the wife or widow of a czar    
female aristocrat - a woman who is an aristocrat
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John Oxx, trainer of Dossier, Czaritza and Genny Lim
JOCKEY Johnny Murtagh shrugged off the setback of the three-day suspension he picked up at York to set yesterday's meeting at Tipperary alight with a sparkling four-timer through Mombassa, the odds-on pair Kiltubber and Hanabad, and Czaritza.
The trainer signed off with Czaritza's three-quarter-length success for owner Charlotte Gurney in the fillies' conditions event, which came as a pleasant surprise.