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Arc, d'

Jeanne (zhän), Joan of Arc.
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Hope Cessford was selected in the wemen's coxless four, an event added to the programme ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and James Snowball in the men's pair - both former DARC junior squad members.
However, Darc also expressed his concerns about the possible suspension of EBA.
The challenge involved getting together a team to row in relays for a distance of 100 kilometres on Concept2 rowing machines (ergos), and Roger's involvement began when he saw a notice on the rowing club's notice board that Durham University student Alexandra Nicholas was organising the event at DARC to raise money for charity.
DARC glycoprotein is a RBC receptor for chemokines, which are chemical messengers that attract leukocytes to inflammation sites.
Effect of genetic variants in two chemokine decoy receptor genes, DARC and CCBP2, on metastatic potential of breast cancer.
The DARC study, undertaken by researchers at University College London and the Western Eye Hospital, UK, was published in Brain, April 2017.
A Duffy antigen receptor for chemokines (DARC) polymorphism that determines pro-fibrotic chemokine serum concentrations is not directly associated with severity of hepatitis C infection.
To overcome the poor parameter estimation of DARC and complicated stability analysis, a robust recursive least square (RRLS) adaptation law is synthesized independent from the design of underlying robust control law.
The facility will host five DARC buildings although the Army will 'not interfere with the DOH operations there,' Gorgolon said.
Prognosis for Contact Center can minimize the risk of bad experiences driving new and existing customers to your rivals, says Darc Rasmussen, Chief Executive Officer, Integrated Research.
The study determined that "serotyping should be replaced by genotyping for donors' blood groups encoded by KEL, SLC14A1, and DARC," given the specificity, throughput, quality and cost of the company's MassARRAY genotyping technology.
Therefore, doublelayer antireflection coatings (DARC) which consist of heterostructure materials such as Mg[F.sub.2]/ZnS [3,7], Mg[F.sub.2]/BN [8], [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3]/Ti[O.sub.2] [9-11], and Mg[F.sub.2]/Ce[O.sub.2] [12] are considered to be a more effective design in decreasing the reflection in a broad wavelength range for the high efficiency solar cells fabrication.