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n. dacriocistectomía, cirugía para restaurar el drenaje del saco lacrimal cuando ocurre obstrucción en el conducto nasolacrimal.
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The surgical procedure for the above conditions are dacryocystectomy (Surgical removal of entire lacrimal sac), and dacryocystorhinostomy.
One month after the intranasal resection, a left dacryocystectomy was performed; histopathologic examination revealed that an invasive verrucous squamous cell carcinoma had arisen within the inverted papilloma.
Based on Dacryocystogram finding, DCT was advised in maximum number of cases 55% followed by DCR 40% and excision of fistulous tract along with Dacryocystectomy was performed in 5% of them (Table 1).
This study was done to determine incidence of the pathogens causing chronic dacryocystitis and analyse histopathological picture of chronic dacryocystitis in patients who are undergoing dacryocystectomy.