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n. dacriocistectomía, cirugía para restaurar el drenaje del saco lacrimal cuando ocurre obstrucción en el conducto nasolacrimal.
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The treatment of dacryocystoceles includes conservative management and drainage followed by external or endoscopic DCR, combined with or without silicone tube placement or dacryocystectomy [7-10].
One month after the intranasal resection, a left dacryocystectomy was performed; histopathologic examination revealed that an invasive verrucous squamous cell carcinoma had arisen within the inverted papilloma.
We had advised these failed cases to undergo repeat DCR with intubation or dacryocystectomy (DCT).
The surgical procedure for the above conditions are dacryocystectomy (Surgical removal of entire lacrimal sac), and dacryocystorhinostomy.
Based on Dacryocystogram finding, DCT was advised in maximum number of cases 55% followed by DCR 40% and excision of fistulous tract along with Dacryocystectomy was performed in 5% of them (Table 1).