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or da·da  (dä′dä)
A European artistic and literary movement (1916-1923) that flouted conventional aesthetic and cultural values by producing works marked by nonsense, travesty, and incongruity.

[French dada, hobbyhorse, Dada, of baby-talk origin.]

Da′da·ism n.
Da′da·ist adj. & n.
Da′da·is′tic adj.
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A. ADJdadaísta
B. Ndadaísta mf
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The act would involve Dadaist comedy, illusions, mime, surreal jokes about offbeat subjects ranging from quantum physics to local politics, and Sardine would even wrestle a planted heckler in the audience.
As the physical material of photography disappears into the oblivion of screens, the raucous photomontages of yesteryear--the Dadaist poetry of confusion or the Constructivist cry of political consciousness--become increasingly more difficult to produce.
While smashing gender barriers, they played an influential role in the surrealist and dadaist movements and eventually risked their lives creating anti-Nazi propaganda.
The book features chapter-length studies of the work of Southern writer William Faulkner, African American writer Jean ToomerAEs genre-jumping book Cane, literary connections between British writer Mina Loy and Dadaist poet Baroness Elsa, the work of lesbian novelist Djuna Barnes, and Gertrude SteinAEs Tender Buttons.
Furious Folly at Preston Park for Stockton International Riverside Festival Part of the UK's arts programme for the First World War centenary, Furious Folly was a performance inspired by the anti-war spirit of the early 20th Century Dadaist movement.
It is joined by an abstract brass work by the Franco-German Dadaist artist Jean Arp, entitled Homme vu par une Fleur (Flower's-eye View of a Man), donated to the collection by a longstanding Friend of the Barber Institute.
"For me, the Dada era began the day I met Picabia," said the French painter and Dadaist Gabrielle Buffet, whose well-to-do background contrasts with Hennings's impoverished life.
Creator Mark Anderson leads a team of international artists who draw on the anti-war spirit of the 20th Century Dadaist movement.
YN y llyfr Rise of the Super Furry Animals gan Ric Rawlins (2015), mae'r grwp roc Cymraeg y bum yn aelod ohono, sef yr Anhrefn, yn cael eu disgrifio fel hyn: "Anhrefn were one of the most inspirational groups around - proactive, subversive, almost Dadaist in their sense of humour".
His book is not limited to film studies, however, and Elder more broadly examines a wide range of "cinematic effects" across Dadaist and Surrealist art, literature, and criticism.
When Dadaist performers entered the world of German cabaret, renowned for its snide send-up of moral values among the bourgeois, they sang songs like 'Morfin' which endorsed the virtues of drug enhanced creative states.