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adj. Chiefly Southern US
Used as an intensive to express mild annoyance.

[Alteration of goddamn.]
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I don't have a dadgum crystal ball to forecast prices."
3: Or if you are victorious, you will love eating the dadgum thing.
We're not here just to see all these dadgum ideas and get into every one of them and make a gazillion dollars.
"If it's leaking, let's fix the dadgum thing," Steele said.
He was a career Army brat, who'd lived all over, most recently in Germany, maybe the only kid in the whole dadgum school who'd taken a breath outside the United States of Texas.
In conversation, Parker's tendency toward sarcasm and unwillingness to curse drive her heavy use of the word "dadgum."
Giving a rousing speech about the independence of the judiciary at a chief justice's investiture at the Florida Supreme Court, he tossed in a homespun, "Dadgum that!"
It looks like we were really lucky, but Bill was so dadgum smart."
"It froze up pretty dadgum quickly," said Rod Smith, assistant chief with Lane County Fire District No.
As Smith told the Herald: "I think this dish is dadgum good."
Attorney General John Ashcroft, whose lost Senate seat Talent is trying to recapture for the GOP, one imagines Talent muttering "dadgum" when he gets angry or frustrated.