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adj. daft·er, daft·est
1. Crazy; deranged.
2. Foolish; stupid.
3. Scots Frolicsome.

[Middle English defte, dafte, humble, uncouth, awkward; see deft.]

daft′ly adv.
daft′ness n.
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Adv.1.daftly - in a mildly insane mannerdaftly - in a mildly insane manner; "the old lady is beginning to behave quite dottily"
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Phil Jagielka and Mason Holgate - even though he daftly gave away the penalty for Liverpool's first - did not deserve to be on the losing side while Yannick Bolasie's return to his best saw him produce a threatening performance.
It's far more exciting and daftly entertaining than you could hope for, and it's one family game this Christmas which won't leave you feeling, er, board.
Judges praised "Miss on in Act on" as "very daftly handled," applauding the "clean, simple, elegant design packed with usefully captioned photos, easily digested 'chunked' copy segments, and unusually intricate, varied spreads.
There was a time when Fifa daftly introduced new interpretations of rules at the World Cup.
PPO daftly shifts the persuasive burden of proof on the accused.
It's dizzying at times, but also daftly compelling, and the influence of multi-strand dramas such as The Wire is obvious.
The web developer explained that in spite of a host of minor troubles, like poor phone call daftly and non-exclusive audio control (which allows passersby to command the flames), Google Glass could one day be seen as revolutionary as file telephone.
Despite having a penalty shout turned down when Daniel Majstorovic daftly clambered over Ryan Thomson, it was a nearmiracle the Fifers got to the interval just two down.
I was daftly excited, she looked exactly the same as the first time I met her when I was 10.
If all that sounds mind-bogglingly bewildering and as daftly Japanese as a robot sushi chef, then rest assured Child of Eden also makes perfect, brilliant sense in the flesh.
The quintessential illustration of this reality is indeed the tenure of ex-Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan (1987-2005), who, from being an ardent bullionist went on to become one of fiat money's most appreciated stewards: the transition was splendidly consistent, and yet the gold-bugs stubbornly refuse to see it thus, choosing instead, daftly, to condemn the likes of Greenspan as traitors.
Shots at comedy include Rice Plate's advisor Rowdy MBA ( Raju Sundaram), who walks, talks and shrugs with Kamal Haasan swagger, and Murugun's lost love, Locket Lover ( Anu Menon) who yells at him daftly from his locket.